Previous Productions

Take a moment to look through our previous productions at Livin’ Dred… years in the making.

The Whispering Chair

Written by Tara Maria Lovett

2022 | Directed by Bryan Burroughs

The Whispering Chair tells the story of a modern marriage twisted and torn by the dark family history of the War of Independence: what was done, by whom, and not spoken about. Maud lives with her grandmother Aggie’s values, views, hidden resentments, and it is destroying her marriage. Through the renovation of a throw-away chair, Maud’s husband Con comes to fully understand his wife is unknowingly living through the dark shadow of her grandmother, and what Aggie felt forced to do during The War. The old woman from the past has shaped the modern woman and poisoned her. Can either survive?

Tarry Flynn

Written by Patrick Kavanagh. Adapted for the stage by Conall Morrison.

2022 | Directed by Aaron Monaghan

Set in Cavan in the 1930s, Tarry Flynn tells the story of Tarry, a farmer poet, and his quest for big fields, young women and the meaning of life. His sensibility is torn between two impulses: the poetic and the libidinous. We follow his adventures as he uncovers the beauty in every aspect of nature and farm life, all the while keeping up his desperate campaign to get a kiss.


Written by Gina Moxley

2021 | Directed by Aaron Monaghan

Danti-Dan is a tragi-comedy about the loss of innocence and the lust for sex. The play is set on a short stretch of road in the middle of nowhere outside Cork city during the interminable summer of 1970. The motley gang that hang out on the stretch of road between the monument and the bridge comprises of Dan, a 14-year-old with a functioning age of 8; Ber who is up the walls worried that she may be pregnant by Noel even though they only did it standing up; Dolores, one of the world’s good girls who basks in the reflected glory of Dolores, her older, sexier sister, and Cactus who is the bane of everybody’s life. By the end of the summer, all their lives have changed utterly.

A Christmas Carol

Written by Charles Dickens

2020 | Directed by Aaron Monaghan

Award-winning actors Aaron Monaghan and Bryan Burroughs dressed in snazzy suits – play all the characters at break-neck speed using an array of colourful hats, scarves and an Ikea coat-rack! (The famous cautionary tale tells the story miserly Ebenezer Scrooge as he is visited by ghosts who take him on a journey through his past, present and future one fateful Christmas Eve.) This production is funny, slightly scary, utterly heart-warming and features a surprise special guest appearing as Tiny Tim.


Written by Mark Doherty

2019 | Directed by Aaron Monaghan

Trad, a short but epic voyage, follows the relationship of a one hundred year old Irishman and his father, in a surreal comedy that looks at the value of tradition. Da, an ancient widower, berates his son Thomas for failing to provide a son to continue the family line. But Thomas has a secret, dating back seventy years to an unforgettable night of passion with Mary, that resulted in the very thing his Da is looking for…


Written by Tom Murphy

2016 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Bailegangaire tells the story of three women who are dependent on, and at war with, one another. Mommo, the dominating and tyrannical grandmother, is bed-ridden and attended by two long-suffering granddaughters. In her unfinished storytelling Mommo has the power to keep the sense of the past alive or finish the story and liberate both herself and her two granddaughters from the chaos and blight that hangs over them all.

The Kings of the Kilburn High Road

Written by Jimmy Murphy

2016 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

In the mid 1970s, a group of young men left their homes in the West of Ireland, took the boat out of Dublin Bay and sailed across the sea to England in the hope of making their fortunes and returning home. Twenty five years later only one, Jackie Flavin, makes it home – but does so in a coffin. The play takes place on the day that the winners and losers of the group meet up to drink to Flavin’s memory and looks at their lives, lost dreams and their place in the new Ireland.

Emerald Germs of Ireland

Written by Pat McCabe

2010 & 2015 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The story of a man who has got rid of his mother, (perhaps even killed her?) leaving him free to entertain an array of colourful characters who come calling. Each of them has an effect on Pat, sometimes shocking, often funny, but how much of this is in Pat’s head?

The Bridge Below the Town

Written by Pat McCabe

2013 & 2014 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

A surreal, phantasmagoric look at the snobberies and religious tensions of small-town life, focusing mainly on the reveries of Golly Murray, a Protestant who married a Catholic and whose intellectually handicapped son has died.

Ride On!

Written by Seamus O’Rourke

2011 & 2012 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

A charity Honda ride is held up because of bad weather. Five members of the club meet in a shed to discuss last minute details, while the other members are stuck in a local pub. The rain continues and tempers fray as fears mount that the ride might not happen.

Heading for Dakota

Written by John McArdle

2010 | Directed by Tommy McArdle

The story of two Cavan farmer brothers, Wellies and Suit, one of whom wants to celebrate Christmas night by going to karaoke while the other has less musical plans for the evening. The play takes them through the year from that Christmas night to the next, from the first Kill football match of the year to the annual general meeting? The resulting comedy is made up of hilarious situations and belly-wrenching one-liners, as the brothers try to dream their way out of reality, while the innate sadness perceived by many to be behind the comic duo is found to be rooted in the painful changes in the society in which they live, a society trying to come to terms, as they are, with the economic, cultural and spiritual complexities of to-day’s world.

Observe the Sons of Ulster, Marching Towards the Somme

Written by Frank McGuinness

2009 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

This play follows the experience of eight men who volunteer to serve in the 36th (Ulster) Division at the beginning of the First World War. It reaches a climax at the start of the terrible battle of the Somme on July 1, 1916, the actual anniversary of the battle of the Boyne in 1690. The Somme, where the Ulster Division suffered heavy casualties, has, like the Boyne, come to have a sacred place in the Loyalist Protestant mind. It marks the Union sealed with blood. It stands for the ultimate test of Ulster’s loyalty; a blood-sacrifice to match any made by Irish nationalists.

There Came A Gypsy Riding

Written by Frank McGuinness

2009 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The McKenna family convenes at their remote West of Ireland holiday home to mark the 21st birthday of their late son Gene

A Christmas Carol

Adaptation by Aaron Monaghan

2008 | Directed by Aaron Monaghan

On Christmas Eve 1846, miser Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his business partner Marley, and by the spirits of Christmas past, present and future.

The Dead School

Written by Pat McCabe

2008 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Raphael Bell, the old-style national school teacher whose life is haunted by images and memories from his past, has devoted his life to upholding his school’s rigorous core curriculum. By the late 1960s, however, parents and students have begun to question Bell’s inflexibility on such issues as corporal punishment and mandatory school prayer. Bell attributes all such criticism to the baleful influence of television, rock music, and American movies. His rage finally finds a focus in Malachy Dudgeon, a first-year teacher who seems to embody all the worst features of the counterculture. The two are soon locked in a power struggle that can only end in disaster.

The Good Father

Written by Christian O’Reilly

2008 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

A love story of how two people starting at the end try to reach a new beginning. Tim and Jane are from different sides of the class divide, but after a random meeting at a New Year’s Eve party leads to an unexpected pregnancy, they attempt to form a relationship against all the odds.

Shoot the Crow

Written by Owen McCafferty

2008 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Ding Ding, Randolph, Petsey and Socrates are four very different characters working together ‘on the site’. Ding Ding, about to retire, conspires to relieve the gaffer of a pallet of tiles with the help of young Randolph. Unfortunately, he is not the only one with that idea, as Petsey and Socrates have decided to do exactly that to aid their own good causes. Their bumbling efforts at petty crime tell a comic story of four men on the make.

The Children of Lir

Written by Noel Monaghan

2007 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The Children of Lir is a legend from Irish mythology. It is a tale from the post-Christianisation period that mixes magical elements such as druidic wands and spells with a Christian message of faith bringing freedom from suffering.

Conversations on a Homecoming

Written by Tom Murphy

2007 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Over a long drinking session in an East Galway pub a group of friends gather together after an absence of ten years. Faced with the changes the years have wrought, they begin a long process of self-discovery.

The Tinker’s Curse

Written by Michael Harding

2007 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Explores the power and sometimes destructive effects of the Traveller’s world on ordinary lives, through the moving story of Julia Rattigan. Haunted by a series of accidental events that led to the tragic death of a loved one, superstition and crippling beliefs lock her in a condition of endless pain.

The Little Dance Girl

Written by Padraic McIntyre

2006 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The Little Dance Girl tells the story of Molly, a young girl, who despite her major handicap has a natural talent to set the world alight when she dances. The play looks at how one incident can change the course of her life and that of her family.

The Snow Child

Written by Deirdre Kinlahan

2005 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The Snow Child is an adaptation of a Russian Fairytale which tells how an old couple befriend a snowchild who comes to life. However the Gods do not let everything run smoothly.


Written by Billy Roche

2005 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

Artie is the sacristan in the local church. Caring for his elderly mother, he spends most of his time with Father Pat and Dominic the young alter-server – that is until Angela starts to help with the church flowers. The two begin a soaring affair, but when somebody tells Angela’s husband, Archie is left to face life without her.

The Tale of the Blue Eyed Cat

Written by Deirdre Kinlahan

2004 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

An adaptation of an Enid Blyton story which tells of the goings on in the toy room of Mary Spratt.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Written by Martin McDonagh

2004 | Directed by Padraic McIntyre

The Beauty Queen of Leenane tells the darkly comic tale of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early forties, and Mag, her manipulative ageing mother. Mag’s interference in her daughter’s first and possibly final chance of a loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that lead inexorably towards the play’s inevitable dénouement.

Upcoming Programme

Livin’ Dred has re-forged its partnership with the venues it has worked closely with in the past fifteen years, particularly with the Nomad and Nasc Touring Networks, and has committed of touring yearly. We have also set ourselves the task of bringing our work to Dublin more regularly by establishing close relationships with The Abbey Theatre, Axis Ballymun and Pavilion, Dún Laoghaire.

The company plans, over the next three years, to undertake a Programme of Forgotten Gems and New Writing. In continuing its commitment to bring old and new work, that speaks to and about our audience and our region, Livin’ Dred has envisioned a programme of work that focusses on two main strands:

Forgotten Gems

Great established plays from the Classical Irish Canon, that have been forgotten or over-looked in the past decade.

New Writing

An initiative that aims to bring young, new dynamic voices to the company.

“I think theatre in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves live performance.”